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Your monthly #ReDefineMe membership

110 USD per month

What do I get upfront?

  • Get immediate access to 7 days of step-by-step training videos to transform key areas of your business for authentic growth.
  • Get clarity on each fundamental action you need to take each day with group mentoring support.
  • Get a bonus 'implement fast' phone call from one of our team.
  • Get to know the community of amazing women in #ReDefineMe.
  • Get guidance and support and all your questions answered by leading network marketing mentors.
  • Get full membership benefits of training and troubleshooting calls, and a library of goodies in your all-areas pass.

Ongoing Monthly Membership

  • Access to a members-only closed Facebook community
  • Access to your own members portal and 70+ training videos
  • Training from more than 25 women mentors who have built big in their fields.
  • Handpicked daily content for your business and personal growth
  • Be part of quarterly planning sessions
  • Weekly live reality checks for problem-solving
  • Automated daily implementation prompts
  • Weekly couch conversations with leading women  
  • Book recommendations to light the way
  • Training tailored to take your skills from mediocre to mastery

What People Are Saying:

“Building my network marketing business "my way" has taken away all the perfectionism, comparison and overwhelming stress I have felt from expectations I had on myself to "duplicate" others. I had completely lost who I was and had no idea what “my way” was. I have now gained a far greater connection to who I truly am and it's opened up space for me to believe that "I am enough" and what I do and say is perfect for me and my business.”

Michelle F

“I believe we have this opportunity in our hands in network marketing that is screaming at us to show up as ourselves, to speak as ourselves, to think for ourselves, to share a message in our way and lead others to do the same. Our business isn’t about changing ourselves to ‘fit in’ it’s about bringing out MORE of who we TRULY are so we can stand out. Why be in business for yourself if you can’t be and lead as yourself?!”

Nic R

“Having permission to build a network marketing business my own way removes all the worry and concern I once had about being misunderstood and judged by others. Now, I’m running my business within my own values, authentically, and with a true desire to help others. It feels empowering, safe, expansive, and exciting to know that I have the tools coupled with myself (and my team) to be able to make a true, lasting, impactful difference in this world.”

Anika W

“Before I joined the #ReDefineMe membership I was overwhelmed and unsure. I wanted to find a way to be a professional business woman without coming across as 'spammy'. During the online mentoring and training, I realised I'm not alone. I feel supported and confident about how I'm building my business. Within a few weeks I felt a sense of calm and purpose, and confident in what to do to grow my business. ”

Sarah K

“Previously I've felt lost, uninspired and 'icky' about the network marketing industry. I wasn’t reaching my goals and couldn’t understand why this business wasn’t working for me. Within a few short weeks in #ReDefineMe, I had achieved a plan for my business, been able to drastically improve my mindset around money, develop my marketing skills, and break through some huge personal barriers I hadn’t realised were holding me back.”

Dawn M

“Before I joined #ReDefineMe I felt stuck in my business, crippled with overwhelm, and comparison had me second guessing my every move ... now I have access to world-class leaders who break it all down, get rid of the “noise” and put into practice simple tools to help me move forward all while being true to me and my mission. Within 8 weeks I've achieved more structure and clarity in my business, and have more energy and fulfilment.”

Lee F

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I understand this is a US$110/month ongoing, cancel-any-time subscription that will be automatically charged to me on the same day each month. There are no refunds for part months. Cancellations must be in writing to [email protected] and allow RNM 5 working days to fulfill the cancellation. Full Terms and Conditions available here.